Eventful Day to Finish the Season
09/04/2016 - Club Pointscore (Season Final)

The forecast was for light winds - but  some did arrive.  However it died off near the finish, penalising those at the back of the fleet.  

In a first for CRSC in a very long time there was a general recall at the start as too many boats had jumped the line.  This then lead to some confusion with skippers not knowing what the new start sequence would be.

On the last leg there was a close contest between Tony Rose and Matt Pope.  Matt lead at the final buoy rounding but Tony beat him home using a very cunning tactic.  Since there was hardly any wind and the boats were barely moving he engaged Matt in deep conversation, all the while trying to out-sail him. Very sneaky on Tony’s part but ultimately fair as during the race Matt had nudged a couple of the buoys and forgot to do a penalty turn.  Always expect the unexpected when out sailing.  

After the race there was some talk on the balcony that Greg Brotherson might defect to the Arrows! 

Overall an eventful and interesting day’s sailing - even if not overly windy.  

All in all it's been a great season, notwithstanding lower boat numbers.  Hopefully this will turn around again next season (and all the signs are it will) - particularly in the catamaran and junior fleets. 

A big thanks to all volunteers and officials for your help during the season.  Particularly our hardworking race official (and secretary / treasurer) - Bob Fish, boat driver / photographer - Dan Parkin and scorer / handicapper - Greg Lee.   Also to Karl and Dennis for your dedication and to all other members who have contributed to another great year for the Club. 

The 2016-17 season gets underway on Saturday 3rd September.   Watch the website for more details.


Photos from 2nd April.  Big thanks to Dan).




09/04/2016 - Club Pointscore
Yardstick Results  
(thanks Greg)

Recorded Time Elapsed Time YS Cr'd Time Class Skipper Crew Sail No
Lasers 2 laps            
1:31:10 1:16:10 110.7 1:08:48 Laser Rooster B Wright   142
1:44:55 1:29:55 113 1:19:34 Laser K Cooksley   181884
2:02:00 1:47:00 116 1:32:14 Laser Radial D Parkin   176906
DNS   113   Laser N Burgess   151965
NS14s & Misc              
1:31:00 1:16:00 108 1:10:22 NS 14 D Boyd M Parkin 1954
1:37:00 1:22:00 108 1:15:56 NS 14 G Brotherson M Parkin 1851
1:54:40 1:39:40 119.5 1:23:24 Corsair B Hitchins D Sage 442
1:47:10 1:32:10 106 1:26:57 MG B Linnett E Jackson 294
Catamarans 2 laps            
1:35:30 1:20:30 91 1:28:28 Arrow T Rose   1691
1:35:50 1:20:50 91 1:28:50 Arrow M Pope   1735
1:26:30 1:11:30 78.5 1:31:05 Hobie 18 B Holton M Maginnity 16547
1:33:50 1:18:50 84 1:33:51 Mosquito G Lee   1759
1:46:55 1:31:55 91.5 1:40:27 Paper Tiger N Carter   67
1:17:00 1:02:00 148 0:41:54 O'pen BIC W Pope    
DNF   148   O'pen BIC O Sage    


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